Dr. Lisa Gonzales is a 2019 Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon Ambassador, and a 7-time pacer for the Biofreeze San Francisco Marathon and 5-time pacer for the Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon. She is a head coach for South Bay RUN365 club and is USATF certified.

As rewarding as it is, running can often be a very insular sport where it’s essentially your body and mind versus the elements. However, there is a whole facet of training with a group that can keep training fun and rewarding over time.

From my experience as a head coach for the South Bay RUN365, there are many perks that come from training with a team that will help keep you running happy and improving as a runner. Have you thought about running with a training team? If not, I may have some good reasons why you should…


Every week (or more frequently, depending on schedules), your team will have planned training runs that will give you an opportunity to meet and run with new people. These runs are filled with different runners with different backgrounds, sharing their experiences with one another while running. It’s the element of inspiration that is drawn from all these individuals that will fuel the motivation you need for consistency as a runner. Additionally, some training clubs will often bring in speakers who will cover a wide range of running topics that will help shorten your learning curve as a runner.


Admittedly, we as runners can lose focus with a training regimen if we were left to our own devices. There’s a fascinating effect that accountability partners can bring which will help keep our eye on the prize; it might be the paradox of not wanting to disappoint others […]